Who we are

Sygen Power is an electrical distribution, construction and maintenance company specializing in construction of high voltage transmission and distribution power lines in all major electric facilities in the African and Southern African regions. Sygen Power is based in South Africa but has comprehensive operations to service and assist other countries in the African region.

South Africa’s electrical power supply industry faces diverse, multitudinous challenges, made more difficult because many of the issues are integrated into multifaceted and complex problems; from aging distribution networks, servicing new power generation facilities, weather- and supply-sensitive fossil fuel stockpiles, complex labour & construction legislation, substation, generator and other grid component failures to cable theft- it has currently reached the point where major municipalities are proposing to investigate construction of their own power generation plants and to assume power grid responsibilities from the national utility, Eskom, for their jurisdictions.

A demand, therefore has come about for electrical power construction companies to establish non-core processes as self-perpetuating and to focus themselves on their core business – the construction of efficient, high-quality, cost-effective electrical Transmission and distribution infrastructure.

South Africa’s power company most critical stated strategic objectives are the reliable availability of electrical power supplemented by a steady and continuous electrification rollout to previously-unserviced areas, insurance of its financial sustainability, promotion of private sector participation, acceptable health & safety & Quality parameters and a compliant environmental footprint.

In short, reliable supply to new and existing users in a fiscally-responsible way, partnered with the private sector in a safe, healthy and environmentally-sustainable setting.  Any construction enterprise which hopes to do business with South Africa’s leading power company – indeed in electrical power supply generally – needs to step up to the plate in terms of all of these criteria.

Sygen Power was established after much research and brainstorming to determine just how a most efficient power construction company should operate.  Taking into account developments as they occur, historical data, the broad national strategy and past personal experience as it applies, Sygen’s business philosophy was developed to arrive at an enterprise which not only, proactively, took greenfield maintenance and refurbishment programmes in its stride, but also sought to respond reactively  to repair works and emergency events.  Finally, it was decided to embrace alternative power generation technologies in terms of internal viability assessments.

Thus, the moving target that is South African electricity supply would be competently serviced, whether by programme, demand or innovation, without the distraction on non-core activities, such as health and safety, environmental issues and quality control.  The latter have been developed into comprehensive customizable resources and woven into the flow of operations in Sygen Power and are, largely self-sustaining.


Diverse Construction Services

Our company is proud to boast its expertise, experience and industry knowledge to undertake any electric transmission, distribution and substation construction services for major utilities across the African region.


Safety is a major practising aspect in the process of all our services that we offer. Protection of our employees is the most important priority in the business. All of Sygen Power’s employees are professionally trained and can thus determine whether to terminate any unsafe procedures or proceed with projects that are deemed safe.


Sygen Power has the expertise, resources and experience to perform electrical construction services for major utilities such as regional cooperatives, municipalities and renewable energy developers. Find out more about our wide range of professional cable provider services in the Services section.

Call us no matter how big or small the job is.

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